You deserve to feel beautiful in your own skin. 

Experience a day to step back and remember the person in the mirror. Experience a day to be pampered and treasured. Experience a day to feel confident and inspired. Experience a day to inhale, to exhale, and dance if you want to! 

You deserve a day to celebrate you and have the most beautiful photos that you've ever seen of yourself. 

Without even knowing you yet, I know you deserve to feel beautiful in your own skin.

You will leave feeling confident, inspired and empowered.

Let's celebrate who you are together!

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Behind the Scenes

A look behind the scenes of an amazing experience!

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Meet Shawon

Hi, I'm Shawon and I love getting to show others the beauty that I see in them!  I believe each woman is distinctive and powerful in her own skin. Every day, whether you feel it or not, you are sewing a story that deserves to be remembered and celebrated. This portrait experience makes me dance every single time behind the camera because YOU get to enjoy a day to relax, breathe and be pampered. You will leave feeling phenomenal, confident, inspired, empowered, and have the best photos that you've ever seen of yourself!  I can not wait to see you soon!




My photoshoot was a PHENOMENAL experience!! I know that I'm beautiful but the monotonous routine of life can get me questioning myself at times. You made me feel so comfortable, relaxed and most of all special and beautiful! I felt sooo pampered not to mention catered to. 


This was my first photoshoot ever! I am so awkward in front of the camera and can never keep my eyes open. Shawon was so good at making me feel so comfortable. It was so fun to feel like a model for the day. 


I had such an incredible time! It felt like four girls hanging out  and having fun! Getting my makeup done was a huge confidence booster! I also loooved how you confidently gave me posing direction! It was an amazing experience seeing my photos. It was an exhilarating experience!


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